15 Resolutions for 2019 (and other things I'll probably mess up)


I never set goals. Ever. The closest I’ve ever come to making new years resolutions was a little Instagram story photo I made last year (pictured below.) I never set goals because I know I’ll mess up. And then I’ll be disappointed with myself. So, it’s better to just not set any goals at all, amiright??

Most resolutions involve improving physical health, and I want to do that, too. But more than anything, I want to continue growing in my spiritual health - with my relationship with Jesus. I want to know his Spirit so intimately that I seek Him before and in all things. In the little things that will come up this year, and in the big things.

That’s my only real “goal.” But, just for kicks, here are a few other things that I want to be good at (but will surely fail time and time again!)

  1. Try 2 new recipes a month.

    Since Bry is the cook at our house, he’ll have to be on board for this “resolution,” but I’m sure it won’t take much convincing. We love cooking together. And by that, I mean he does most of the cooking and I pretend to clean up behind him. We tried many new recipes in 2018 and we’d like to try even more this year. Bonus points if they’re healthy(ish)!

  2. Commit to our monthly date nights on the 20th of each month.

    One of my favorite things we did in 2018 was steal the idea of having a special date night on the day of our anniversary every month. We take turns planning the date each month. This one change really helped to keep our anniversary alive!

  3. Delete duplicate photos on my phone at the end of each day.

    Keep one, not eight, of each shot! As of this moment, I have 43,960 photos and 5,979 videos on my phone. I’ve hit the level called, “ridiculous.” This is not ok and I must be stopped. Send help.

  4. no screen time 30 minutes before bed.

    We’ve all heard the research on “blue light” before bed - how it suppresses melatonin production more than twice as long as other light sources, how it messes with our circadian rhythm, and can even cause problems with all of the systems in our body, our mood, and so many other things! All of a sudden checking that Facebook feed doesn’t seem so important.

  5. pay off more debt so we can give like crazy and travel the world.

    We’ve been on baby step #2 of the Dave Ramsey baby step program for like a decade, y’all. No success story over here! BUT, we have big dreams and goals. Dreams of being debt free so we can give like crazy. And so we can see the world. Big dreams, y’all. Dreams of Nova Scotia, Annapurna, Scotland, and so many other places! One step at a time…just paid our last car payment on one of our cars less than 12 hours ago. Best feeling everrr!

  6. practice the 1-minute clean up rule.

    I recently heard about this life rule from Jen Hatmaker, who heard it from someone else. I can’t remember who it was, but it was brilliant! She said if a task will take less than a minute to complete, DO IT. Just get off your butt and do it.

  7. Pray together every night.

    This seems like such a given, but just like so many other people, it just doesn’t always happen. But prayer changes things. It changes everything. We want this to be the most important aspect of our marriage.

  8. use my “big girl” camera at least 2 times a month.

    This was on my 2018 resolution list and I think I almost made it happen each month! This year I’m making it a goal to use it at least twice each month. Every time I use it for everyday things, I love the images we create. So, I definitely want to use it more.

  9. invest deeply in the friendships we’ve been blessed with.

    We’ve been blessed with so many amazing friends, but we have such a strong desire to go so much deeper with them. We’re praying that this year, even if our circle of friends gets smaller, we want to dive deeper with the ones who remain.

  10. schedule 2 rest days and put them on the calendar.

    The Father has been teaching me how crucial it is to rest. And that doesn’t mean binge-watching Netflix shows all weekend. True rest comes in spending time with Him and being in His word. I’m looking forward to my solo retreat in Sedona this spring where I will have 5 days alone to rest with Him!

  11. Get on a consistent sleep schedule.

    This year I implemented a pretty tight nightly routine and it worked out great for most of the year. I was ready for bed by 7:45, reading/journaling/praying until about 9:30, then in bed. This year, I want to commit to a pretty similar schedule, but ensure that I don’t get on my phone after I’m in bed so I can get at least 8 hours of solid sleep. I’m sure I’ll fail in this area a lot, but I sure want to try!

  12. practice guitar at least 15 minutes a day.

    After taking up guitar last Valentine’s, I set a 1-year goal to be a back-up guitarist on Sundays at church. I honestly think it could take at least another 6-12 months before I’m ready, if not longer. But I will keep practicing, even if it’s only a few minutes each day. Bry also recently gave me an early bday present - an adapter to record vocals and guitar, so that’ll be a fun toy!

  13. schedule another social media fast.

    I took a 3-week break from social media this year and it was so good for my soul! I definitely need to do another fast.

  14. reduce the noise. Embrace the silence.

    I’m slowly learning that silence isn’t scary! I want to push myself to not turn on the TV or the Sonos when I feel like I need noise in the house. Silence allows me to go to the Father and pray for wisdom and strength. To seek His Kingdom. Jesus talks about this in Matthew 6 and there’s nothing passive about it. Seeking is active and requires mental energy. When there is noise and distraction, it’s almost impossible to seek the Kingdom.

  15. hire a professional portrait photographer.

    Okaaaay, so this one is kind of cheating. Like when you’re making your daily to-do list and you list things you’ve already done, just so you have the pleasure of marking at least one thing off of your list. Truth be told, I’ve already hired a photographer for my retreat in Phoenix in February, and I can’t wait! Now I just need to find a dress!