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Blog Series: Our Testimonies - Melissa Forster

I’m so excited to “introduce” my readers to this incredible woman tonight. If you don’t know her already, you’re guaranteed to feel like she’s your best friend by the end of this post!

When I was brainstorming with Holy Spirit who I should interview for this series, I just smiled when He brought her to mind. She's an incredibly hilarious, passionate writer, the most loyal friend you'll ever meet, and is just drenched in love, hope, and grace. I can't say enough about how thankful I am to know her and how her blog posts (and sweet friendship) have encouraged me in my own journey.

Her post covers all the things, y'all. I know everyone who reads it will relate to at least one part of her story of learning what it means to have friendship with the Father, dealing with worry and anxiety, learning how to wait well, and so much more. Thank you for your words, my friend. We're all better off because of them.

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Blog Series: Our Testimonies - Kimberly Hurd Horst

There is power in our testimonies! The Hebrew word for testimony is "ehud," which means witnessrecord, duplicate, or repeat. Our testimonies of the incredible things the Father has done in our lives are meant to be repeated. When we give our testimonies, hope is released into the atmosphere. Our prayer life changes as we joyfully ask the Father to do it again. That thing You did in my friend's it again in my life, Father!

About a month ago, the Father put this series on my heart and immediately revealed to me the five women I needed to interview. I consider all of these women to be mentors to me in one way or another. With such diverse backgrounds and perspectives, I know many readers will connect to each woman's story for different reasons.

My first testimonial comes from my Insta friend, Kim. Kim is one of the reasons I love the Internet. I know her testimony of adoption and forgiveness will bless you abundantly! One of my favorite quotes from Kim: "Being adopted never meant I was rejected; it meant I was found." Amen!

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