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Blog Series Part 5: Nine Names of God {God is There}

I'm taking a pretty unpopular stance on the blog today in a culture that screams, “You do you! Anything goes. Every religion points back to ‘god.’ YOLO. Live it up! There isn’t a god, so it doesn’t even matter. The only thing that matters is who I want to be and what I want to do. You're the most important thing you need to worry about. There isn’t ‘truth;’ everyone can just do and believe whatever they want."

We hear these messages implicitly and explicitly so often each day that we become numb to them. They may even start to make sense over time. But time and human logic cannot change eternal truths. I hope you'll head over to the blog to hear more. I'm praying for the one who needs to hear this message today, above all of the noise.

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Blog Series Part 4: Nine Names of God {The Healer + Beginning to End}

Have you ever played the game "What would your super power be?" I feel like mine would be something boring like cleaning the house at the snap of my fingers or carbs with no consequences. The Word says that Jesus carried a supernatural power in His hands. He could’ve done anything with this power, and what did He choose to do with it? Heal people!

Preach. Heal. Bring freedom. Proclaim joy. His mission is our mission, too. Can you imagine what our world would be like if we were more like Jesus and less like Christians? Preach the good news, heal broken people, break chains, and proclaim JOY and freedom! I’m in! It’s no wonder that people were drawn to Him by the thousands. Our ministry should still be this attractive…this hope-filled, this love-driven!

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Blog Series Part 3: Nine Names of God {God Who Sees + The Provider}

We desperately want to be seen and known by someone. How much more of a gift is it to be seen by the creator of the universe? He doesn’t fall asleep, get annoyed, or get busy. He never stops seeing us.

This week on the blog I'm covering two more names in this series: "The God Who Sees" and "The Provider." We can cling to so many promises from a faithful God in His Word. And these are some of my favorites.

He sees me, He knows every part of me, and yet, He still loves me more than I could ever understand. He is my more-than-enough Provider. He doesn't want to just meet my needs - He wants to bless me in the abundant realm! 

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Blog Series Part 2: Nine Names of God {The Father + God Most High}

I'm so excited to share part two of this blog series today. This week we're looking at "The Father" and "God Most High." I love the contrast of these two names. That He's the God above all, but He's also close, holding us tenderly as a Father.

If you've never known Him as Father, I pray that you will find comfort in this post. Dig into the Word to find out who He is. Discover that He is an amazing Father who gives good gifts. He isn't a puppet master and He doesn't send death and destruction, BUT He comforts us and walks with us through our storms.

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Blog Series Part 1: Nine Names of God {The Creator + The I AM}

I remember learning about the names of God in Bible College. They seemed interesting. Beautiful, even. But I hadn’t lived them yet. I knew God as the the Creator and the Provider. On paper, I knew He was the Healer and the One who Sees. But I hadn’t truly lived them yet. 

I’m so excited to launch my first “blog series” today! I never imagined I'd still be blogging weekly, let alone publishing a "series!"

When I began writing this post last week, I realized it was going to be way too long (even longer than my typical, super long post.) So I decided to turn it into a 5-part series that I will publish over the next few months.

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