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Blog Series Part 2: Nine Names of God {The Father + God Most High}

I'm so excited to share part two of this blog series today. This week we're looking at "The Father" and "God Most High." I love the contrast of these two names. That He's the God above all, but He's also close, holding us tenderly as a Father.

If you've never known Him as Father, I pray that you will find comfort in this post. Dig into the Word to find out who He is. Discover that He is an amazing Father who gives good gifts. He isn't a puppet master and He doesn't send death and destruction, BUT He comforts us and walks with us through our storms.

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Blog Series Part 1: Nine Names of God {The Creator + The I AM}

I remember learning about the names of God in Bible College. They seemed interesting. Beautiful, even. But I hadn’t lived them yet. I knew God as the the Creator and the Provider. On paper, I knew He was the Healer and the One who Sees. But I hadn’t truly lived them yet. 

I’m so excited to launch my first “blog series” today! I never imagined I'd still be blogging weekly, let alone publishing a "series!"

When I began writing this post last week, I realized it was going to be way too long (even longer than my typical, super long post.) So I decided to turn it into a 5-part series that I will publish over the next few months.

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