So long, cookies and all the things

Today we had one last HURRAH (not sure if that's spelled correctly as I'm not skilled in the art of hurrah's since I never deprive myself of all of the good things.) 

After queso and cookies last night, I was already feeling gross about myself. 

Then today hit and I was like...well, if tomorrow's Day 1, then that means today is DAY ZERO. 

Which means it doesn't count, right?

Hope not, cause I ate Pei Wei for lunch (read: real rice. Like the delicious kind) and Cheesecake Factory's fried mac and cheese balls for dinner. If you haven't eaten these things, you haven't really lived yet.

But, I had water. Day ZERO stuff right here. #doesntcount

When I got home I realized I hadn't fully meal planned for the week. That's a major fail when it's 9:30 on a Sunday night. Great start, Julie.

The only "meal prep" I did was bagging 17 mini cookie dough balls to put in the freezer if I'm having an "emergency." 

Day 1, bring it on!