A Little Obsessed


In preparation for the 80 Day Obsession, this week I've been doing the mini prep program "A Little Obsessed." 

But, there's nothing "mini" about it. It's still super challenging and I'm sore in. all. the. places.

Right now I'm working with a pair of 5 lb weights, 10 lbs, and one 25 lb. I know I'll need more and a variety of weights as the 5's already feel like I'm holding air. (What?!?!?)

I am so not this person. This weight-lifting person. I didn't even have weights when I first started this last month. I had to borrow some from a friend. 

Goodness, the first day I worked out I used a few water bottles from the fridge. And even those were too heavy. 

Oh. Em. Geez.

I have one more prep day tomorrow and then the real work begins on Monday!